Our six-week series will be offered again to the public in early 2017. Start date
is TBD, but we’ll probably meet on Wednesdays 7-8 p.m. primarily at
Creative Coworking in downtown Evanston. It will include one or two tours of healthy
food purveyors’ stores. Workshops go for an hour, plus conversation afterwards.
Participants can expect to sample food at the workshops and receive some to take home.

To be one of the first to hear about when registration starts, give us your email address on our contact page.

Six-week Series Agenda

Week #1:  All about FAT!
We’ll talk about “good” and “bad” fats, Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and best food
sources for different kinds of fats. Participants get a full-sized jar of coconut oil.

Week #2:  Grains, Gluten, Corn & Carbs
Should you go gluten free? We’ll talk about that, plus the difference between simple
and complex carbs, the benefits of whole grains and the relationship between carbs
and blood sugar.

Week #3:  Sugar & Spice
We’ll talk about adding flavor to food in healthy ways, natural and artificial sweeteners,
different kinds of salt and therapeutic value of herbs and spice during this workshop.

Week #4:  Know GMOs
What are GMOs? We’ll talk about why and how to avoid GMOs WITHOUT driving
yourself crazy.

Week #5:  The Gut/Brain Connection
We’ll discuss why “gut health” matters and the benefits of fermented foods, probiotics,
gelatin and chicken soup during this workshop.

Week #6:  TBD
We’ll probably tour WHOLE FOODS MARKET.

This year’s sponsors include Whole Foods Market. Others to be confirmed.
We appreciate the participation of last year’s sponsors, which included
Whole Foods Market on Green Bay Road in Evanston and Cooked, a great source for healthy meals delivered.

We’re constantly developing new workshops, field trips and tours.
Our current offerings include a single workshop — Mindful Eating — besides our
six-week series, which currently we merely call the Health Hacks six-weeker.

We offer our workshops to the public, corporations and other entities.
Participates always leave with useful insights into how to get the
most out of the food they eat.