Michelle Gillespie

Chelle Gillespie. [Photo by Karen Kring]

Michelle Gillespie is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach helping busy people learn how to eat in sync with their own metabolism to increase their energy, improve focus, and normalize their weight without crash dieting or calorie counting.

Michelle believes there is not one right way of eating that works for everyone. She helps people learn how to listen to the messages their body is sending them. This mindful approach to wellness and nutrition helps people find the foods that make them feel their best.

Michelle got her start teaching nutrition while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer on the island of Yap, Micronesia, where she encouraged the Yapese people to eat their local fruits, vegetables and seafood, instead of the imported, processed foods they had become accustomed to. She later received formal, science-based training at the renowned Nutrition Therapy Institute.

She would love to help you on your quest to clean up your diet
and improve your health as well.

It is true. Michelle likes to play with her food.
What is she tossing in this picture? A jicama.