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In between workshops, we thought we’d offer some Chelle wisdom via a podcast.
We’re working on this month’s now.

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Healthy Eating Workshop 6-Week Series

Food is more than fuel. It nourishes us physically, mentally and emotionally. Our relationship with food is personal and different for everyone.

Nutritionist Michelle Gillespie leads a science-based, healthy eating workshop series offering useful insights into how to get the most out of our food and how small changes can make a difference.

Typically meeting once per week for 6 weeks, Michelle and participants talk about fats, sugars, carbs, proteins, GMOs and gut health. Michelle aims to address all participants’ questions.

By the way, there will be no shaming, blaming or finger pointing at these workshops. No judgements. What you eat is up to you. Michelle can help you interpret what your body is telling you and what foods will work for you.

To be as inclusive as possible, our last series cost participants $66 for the full 6-week series or $15 for single workshops.

Some food is served and often taken home. Typically our first giveaway is be a full-sized jar of coconut oil.

Learn more about Michelle Gillespie on Yelp.

Note to health care colleagues: If you’d like to host a workshop series at your location, contact Michelle Gillespie or Karen Kring.